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Welcome to our Data Prep, Data Collection and Data Processing page. This describes the services offered by Gordon Goodfellow and Inteltab Media (Inteltab is derived from Independent Telephone and Tab).


Data Preparation and Specwriting

Gordon Goodfellow has broad experience in the market research industry and has been a telephone interviewer and supervisor team leader (at NOP, where he ran the Telephone Omnibus for five years) and as a Telephone Centre Manager (at MORI, when MORI's telephone research centre was called Online Telephone Surveys).

Gordon is also a specwriter, with expertise in data collection, data analysis and data processing. He has been a specwriter at Research and Auditing Services, and has done consultancy specwriting work for a number of clients, including INRA UK.

I (let's drop the distant third person!) am experienced in both the Quancept and DKapture packages. Of these, the recommended choice is DKapture, for several reasons. I'm probably the only person who has had the opportunity of working professionally with both packages and I can tell you that there is nothing that Quancept can do which DKapture cannot. The main difference between the two packages is that Quancept is very expensive both to buy and to run, usually requiring a Unix specialist on-site. DKapture, on the other hand, is far less expensive, much cheaper to install and run on a daily basis, and yet it offers all the functionality that Quancept and the other industry standard packages offer.

DKapture is very intuitive to use, both in its specwriting mode and in data processing. From the point of view of interviewers and supervisors, DKapture is very similar in use to Quancept, but is, if anything, more intuitive to use. In many market research companies where DKapture is used there are no bespoke specwriters, this being done by the research executive in charge of the project, who thus has greater control of each project without need of an extra layer of personnel to handle the data. The research exec can phone the client with the latest data directly from his or her own desk and not in another department.

DKapture also has a full suite of sample management resources, and is thus very easy to run from a supervisor's point of view. Control of the sample can be handled throughout the project. Quality control is also helped by DKapture's ability to allow supervisor, executive and client alike to monitor specific interviewer screens while listening to the data collection process in real time. All of these functions are possible with Quancept as well, but for about six times the cost.














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